The DataPool Project was a research data management infrastructure project funded by the JISC managing research programme from November 2011 until March 2013.   A list of reports and other outputs can be found here with a summary of the purpose and work of the project at the end.  If you would like to contact us for any further information please email

DataPool Outputs


University of Southampton Research Data Management Policy

Guidance and support

Research Data Management web pages

Scott, Mark, Boardman, Richard P., Reed, Philippa A.S. and Cox, Simon J. (2012) Introducing research data. Southampton, GB, University of Southampton, 29pp.


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Byatt, Dorothy, De Luca, Federico, Gibbs, Harry, Patrick, Meriel, Rumsey, Sally and White, Wendy (2013) Supporting researchers with their research data management: Professional service training requirements – a DataPool project report. Southampton, GB, University of Southampton

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Hitchcock, Steve and White, Wendy (2013) Towards research data cataloguing at Southampton using Microsoft SharePoint and EPrints: a progress report. University of Southampton

Hitchcock, Steve (2013) Collecting and archiving tweets: a DataPool case study. Southampton, GB, University of Southampton, 10pp.

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Technical outputs

Data Cite DOI Registration plugin (with documentation)

Arkivum A-Stor Storage Backend plugin (with user documentation) (Updated Version released 28/06/2013; documentation)

Integrated Modelling of European Migration (IMEM) Database

EPrints data deposit implemented in Soton Service using the ReCollect plugin, developed by Research Data @Essex JISC MRD project


Byatt, Dorothy (2013) Mapping Training needs for the support team [blog]

Hitchcock, Steve (2013) Cost benefit analysis experience of Southampton research data producers [blog]


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Hitchcock, Steve, Byatt, Dorothy, White, Wendy (2012), DataPool: building capacity, developing skills, supporting researchers, JISC MRD Programme Meeting, Oct 24-25 2012, Nottingham

Purpose and work of the project

Research findings are underpinned by the data produced by the research. Cutting-edge research must both be testable and reproducible if it is to be verified and used widely.

In the digital environment it is possible to construct workflows that connect the generation of research data with access and publication services, including institutional repositories, with consequences for the structure, scope and scale of the data produced, and therefore for the task of data storage and access.

Recognising the principle and practice of making research data accessible and usable has led research funders to produce policies directing how this should happen. Now research institutions such as universities are beginning to produce data policies both to comply with the funder policies and to assist their researchers with data management and storage.

The University of Southampton is developing research data management services, and has established a 10-year roadmap to guide this process in a first phase project, the JISC-funded Institutional Data Management Blueprint (IDMB). The DataPool Project follows that work in seeking to build capacity within the University to support effective data management practice across all disciplines, including multi-disciplinary activity, throughout the data lifecycle. This will be underpinned by development of a clear policy framework, an enhanced technical infrastructure and a strategy for supporting researchers in managing their data, in line with the first phase of the roadmap.

Some services already provide support for research data management, often serving specific disciplines or subjects, but these are not designed to provide comprehensive coverage of funded research. Complementing this is the institutional approach, to collect and store all research data produced across disciplines within the institution. Institutions are aligned with their researchers in wanting to support high quality research, so it is natural for the institution to seek to develop a framework to assist its researchers in managing their research. Supporting the management of data is an increasingly important component of this framework.

The development of institutional research data services is at an early stage. Where these have been piloted the scope of the required services has been identified, but full implementation, feasibility and viability still have to be demonstrated. By extending this work at the University of Southampton, the DataPool Project will produce an evidence base for establishing and scaling-up these services to meet whole-institutional needs.